2013: Water Remediation Workshop

Growing Beauty: Phyto-Remediation and Environmental Design


In 2013, the Minitsry of the Enviroment asked us to conduct a 5 day  Phyto Remediiaiton workshop for 30 hydrologists and environmental engineers from throughut Iraq entitled “Growing Beauty: Phyto-Remediation and Environmental Design”.

The workshop began with an introductory talk/slide show on the principles of constructed wetlands, like those proposed for Al Faoud and Al Hammar led by Dr. Davide Tocchetto. Discussions examined proposed sewage treatment and wastewater reuse in Southern Iraq, and how this technology can help to solve human health and environmental problems caused by improperly disposed and treated sewage. Dr. Mark Nelson explained the design, construction and operating principles of “Wastewater Gardens,” our form of constructed wetlands for sewage treatment and water recycling. 

Professor Meridel Rubenstein, in addition, gave a presentation on “Growing Beauty” with environmental design. She discussed ideas and materials to be used in the artistic design of a Wastewater Garden so that it can be enjoyed by the community as a recreation and cultural restoration area. 

Then we toured potential garden sites as well as the marshes and marsh arab communities.

Below is a video, filmed by Professor Rubenstein, introducing us to some of the faces of the workshop in addition to a clip of Dr. Mark Nelson introducing Meridel before her presentation.