2015: Baghdad

In 2015 the marshes dried out for a second time. After five months of temperatures at up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit and withholding of the water from the marshes by ISIS and Turkey, the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers were almost empty and people were angry.

We were invited October 5th and 6th to make a presentation at the Emergency Conference for Restoration of the Marshes in Baghdad, which was organized by our partner Nature Iraq and the Development Center for Energy and Water in the Prime Minister’s Office. 

In addition to thirty angry Tribal sheiks from the south, thirty-five NGOS, eleven internationals, and many government officials attended including representatives from the Prime Minister’s Office. Dr. Davide joined Meridel. 

We couldn’t have continued our Tier 1 Project without our appearance and networking there.  What became evident to people at the national level in Baghdad is that we DO have a solution for the ever-increasing local sewage problems independently of whether there is drought or not. 

We were provided security by the Prime Ministers Office, who also waived our visa and transportation fees while paying for our hotel and meals.