2017: NDC Show

In addition to our NTU MOE  grant, we also received an exhibition grant from NTU in 2017 for a comprehensive exhibition at the National Design Center in Singapore showcasing our project. 

Meridel and Peer were able to compile all of the project research to make modules of images and text that addressed the history of the marshes, the three religions, Mesopotamian history, our design process dating from 2011-2017, and our sources of inspiration for the design project.


Click the image above for a complete view of modules.

The exhibition included three modules in a octagonal shape, a key component of Islamic design, in a large atrium space. These modules were surrounded by Meridel’s artwork. In the next, smaller room, films were screened by Iraqi filmmakers about the marshes in addition to Meridel’s four-channel installation entitled In the Marshes, embedded to the left, which was comprised of footage from previous visits. To read the narratives that were transcribed onto the wall, click the document to the left!

In the third room, we hung contemporary Mesopotamian wedding blankets that influenced the design of the garden. These were so well received that we decided to apply for a spot at the International Folk Art Market in 2019.