2020: UNESCO Green Citizen Project

We are pleased to announce that, in the fall of 2020, the Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden Project was selected by UNESCO as one out of 100 projects for the UNESCO Green Citizens Initiative.


UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS is an initiative created by UNESCO, aiming to support and shed light on citizens engagement for the planet. Following UNESCO’s engagement towards sustainable development, the UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS initiative and digital platform will serve as an open window and an incubator for actors of change worldwide who are leading innovative, impactful and duplicable solution-based projects on biodiversity, oceans, water, indigenous knowledge or education for sustainable development.

The selected projects showcased on the UNESCO Green citizens platform will gain visibility and opportunities to receive external support from other citizens who may wish to get involved, as well as from media, NGOs and private organisations. 

Legitimacy of UNESCO

UNESCO is the UN lead agency for

  • Biodiversity
  • Oceans
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Hydrology

UNESCO actively engages governments and plays a key role in incubating local projects in 1000 natural sites. As an early-change maker for sustainable development, UNESCO has been since 1972 the clearinghouse of the state of the planet in these domains (through data, scientific research and sites protection).

UNESCO also supports the essential citizen eco-activism worldwide.

Its programs help to change minds regarding the environment we all share and to put pressure on political, economic and social behaviors. This evolution, following the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, implies the sharing of common values such as cooperation, respect for diversity, intergenerational solidarity, and creativity in the way world citizens respond to environmental challenges.


UNESCO is joining citizen forces and supports local peoples’ commitment to sustainable development. Through the UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS platform, UNESCO aims to give wings to citizens and their projects that make an impact locally.

As a collaborative platform, UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS will connect and federate a wide community of stakeholders to act as an incubator for local projects: sharing knowledge, inspiring others to take action, linking up economic, financial, insitutional and political partners. UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS platform will bring the strength of local initiatives to the global level, spreading the word between citizen-led projects, locals and international stakeholders.

The UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS platform will also allow visitors to discover projects, learn about and duplicate inspiring initiatives, support projects and network, to educate and train people on sustainable ways of life within the following five priority themes of UNESCO. This initiative will go beyond protecting spaces and landscapes: it aims to sensitize and equip people with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to live in harmony with nature.”