Eden in Iraq Update 2019

Dear Friends,

I’m back from Iraq with really good news. The Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden in the Mesopotamian Marshes at El Chibaish has been partially funding by Iraq’s Ministry for Water Resources! Plans are underway to break ground as soon as possible, by this fall, If not sooner.

After a 4 year detour to vanquish ISIS, Iraq has a new sense of a future. There are plans to invest both environmentally and culturally. There are new faces returning to direct the Ministries as well as the Embassies abroad. Educated civil servants, who have studied abroad, energetically abound. New attention is being paid to the Mesopotamian marshes, since being designated, in 2016, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This includes the ancient sites of Ur, Uruk, and Eridu.

It’s been a very wet spring, so this is the first time since the marshes were drained in the early 1990’s that they are 85% re-flooded.

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