March 14-25,  2022  Meridel returned to the Marshes with Journalist Alan Weisman who will include us in his forthcoming book Hope Dies Last.

Here is Alan’s powerful overview of the oil crisis vis a vis his Iraq visit:

We were joined by Nature Iraq CEO Azzam Alwash for a few days to discuss issues concerning our new site in El Chibaish.  Jassim Al Asadi, Managing Director, accompanied us for the entire trip including an overnight with a Marsh family on their floating island, taking Alan to  ancient sites at Ur, Uruk, and Babylon and finally to Baghdad where Jassim and I met with  the Minister of the Environment, Dr. Jasim Al Falahi, our newest sponsor in Iraq. We also met with artist/conservator Nawar Ihsan and Taha al Taee, our newest team members in Baghdad, who will work with Meridel on design components for the garden as well as social media in Iraq.

Jassim Al Asadi, boatman Abu Haider, and Meridel; Alan Weisman and Azzam Alwash at Nature Iraq office; The mudhief where we stayed for our overnite.
Meridel and Jassim meet with Minister Al Falahi; Alan,Meridel with Nawar Ihsan and Taha Al Taee in Baghdad